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    Hello, i put cron job for whmcs and i wait 24 hour and then when i go to admin area it says theres no cron record

    command i used to put cron job is crontab -e cron job */5 * * * * php -q /var/www/html/whmcs/crons/cron.php heres pic from inside crontab -e
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    Hi thanks for your response but this error gets to all customers
    By moodejb1
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    Hi guys i put a ssl from cloud flare and when i try to login in my php it says ERRSSLPROTOCOL_ERROR error can you help me ? Os:debian
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    Error import my db

    Hi guys when i try to upload my db it says SQL query: -- -- Database: amg -- Table structure for table accounts CREATE TABLE accounts ( id int(11) NOT NULL, username text, password varchar(32) NOT NULL, salt varchar(...
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