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    How to fix "WordPress Connection Information" on WP that is running in a docker container ?

    Hello, I have a WP website is running in a docker container. I am using all offical images (WP, MariaDB). I have a problem that is I can not upgrade WP, plugins, install new plugins, delete unsed plugins,... from WP ...
    Accepted Answer: If you're using Docker-Compose, you'll want to run bash or sh into your Wordpress service container: sudo docker-compose exec WORDPRESS_SERVICE_NAME sh When done correctly you should find yourself within the Wordpre...
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    Put a CentOS stand before application server as a protector

    I have a application server that is running Windows Server 2008 R2. On this server, I have applications (.exe) running and listening ports 10000, 11000, 13000 Client (exe) connect directly to server via these ports ab...
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