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    how do I set up back up for my site

    Hi Chris, you can directly see if you have backups enabled in your management console. Go to Droplets in the right Menu …
    By NiklasPI
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    Supporting other currencies and project based bills?

    Dear DO Team, are there any plans to support other currencies than US Dollar. I have a few customers that ask for it as we always directly link currency changes between Euro and Dollar to their bills. So sometimes the...
    1 By NiklasPI DigitalOcean Billing
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    Disaster recovery on Droplets

    Hei LeonidasGR, as far as I know, there is no automatic recovery when just your server fails. You can choose the backup option o…
    By NiklasPI
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    What is DOSSOProd in the Applications & API panel?

    Hei all, I have the application DOSSOProd in my Applications & API settings. I can not remember setting it up. Does somebody know what it is and what it does? It has full access to my account so I feel a bit strange a...
    1 By NiklasPI DigitalOcean API Control Panels