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    Postgres managed DB require pg_hba.conf

    Does anyone have a example for node-postgres to connect to managed postgres DB over SSL? I only can get hold of the ‘ca-certificate…
    By oldjoy
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    How to deploy my Nodejs in a monorepo-ish repo?

    So I have a project structure that looks like this: ``` - client - package.json - server - package.json - package.json ``` In the package.json at root level, I have a npm script that starts both client and serve...
    0 By oldjoy Deployment Node.js React
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    One bucket for each tenant?

    If I'm building a multi-tenancy web app and I'm using DO Spaces to store users' assets like images, am I supposed to create a 'bucket' for each user/tenant? What's the standard practice here?
    1 By oldjoy Storage