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    SoftEther is not starting after reboot

    I've followed this guide ( three times, each time I've destroyed the droplet and created it again. Everything i...
    1 By omidshojaee Ubuntu 20.04
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    App detection failed

    Hello, I'm trying to launch my first app. It is a (for now) simple Django site. At the third stage I get the following error: ``` We’re sorry, but we weren’t able to detect anything that the App Platform can currently...
    4 By omidshojaee Django
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    Nginx shows default page

    Hello, I followed this tutorial ( to install Nginx on my droplet but I still see the "Welcome to nginx!" page instead of my home pa...
    1 By omidshojaee Nginx
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    ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED on OpenVPN Access Server Admin

    Hello @alexdo My droplet is also setup from Marketplace. I can’t access the Admin UI.
    By omidshojaee
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    ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED on OpenVPN Access Server Admin

    Hello, Just finished the setup of OpenVPN access server (5 minutes ago). I can't access the Admin UI. Server is refusing the connection. Please assist.
    Accepted Answer: Hello, @omidshojaee I've just setup a droplet using the one click install for the OpenVPN Access Server and everything is working normal: Could you plea...
    3 By omidshojaee Applications Deployment