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    Peak connection review, Postgres managed database

    Hi. I have to managed database postgres with DigitalOcean. Have a primary node with 2 connection pools and available backend server connections 197 + one node read-only. Normally our cluster has an average of 60 conne...
    1 By oscarricardosan DigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL Database Needs Product Answer
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    Are the weekly server backups and block storage encrypted?

    Hi all. We have our infrastructure with DO droplets and storage with block storage, we are under audit and they are asking us if backups and files are kept encrypted and if so, what encryption is applied. I appreciate...
    1 By oscarricardosan Block Storage Security
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    Load Balancer with certificate in Forwarding rules return 504 gateway timeout at minute

    Hi. I have a legacy application in php 5.6, with the runtime at 3,600. To give it greater availability, a new server was configured and a DO load balancer was used, this generated the problem that when changing the se...
    1 By oscarricardosan Load Balancing