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    Qt: XKEYBOARD extension not present on the X Server

    This is a bit complicated and highly specific case so I will try with a high level description and if necessary delve deeper. My purpose is to run ROS (Robot Operating System) on a Digital Ocean node so that I don't h...
    0 By pitosalaswhale Ubuntu 18.04
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    Do droplets get an automatic (cryptic) dns name?

    On aws for example you get something like . Is there something like that by default, or available? In other words, I'd like to enter a dns name instead of an ip addre...
    2 By pitosalaswhale DNS
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    I created a "rails" droplet but there's no ruby

    I believe so. I’ve been poking around and have clicked and canceled more than once as I found my way around. In the meanwhile I dis…
    By pitosalaswhale
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    I created a "rails" droplet but there's no ruby

    That's pretty weird. No ruby, no gem, no nothing. Am I missing something?
    1 By pitosalaswhale Ruby on Rails
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    Root account or other?

    My new droplet has just a root account. Is the idea that I use that for admin or that I create an additional non-root but sudo capable account?
    1 By pitosalaswhale DigitalOcean Accounts