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    Access MariaDB with galera cluster in other droplet

    @jtittle this config bind-address= works for me! Thank you very much!
    By rafacorre
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    Access MariaDB with galera cluster in other droplet

    I followed the steps in the tutorial below: Everything worked perfectly and now I would like...
    Accepted Answer: @rafacorre That specific tutorial is setting up an active-active cluster, thus it shouldn't really matter which node you connect to, though for the purpose of getting things working, I'd connect to the primary, which...
    2 By rafacorre MariaDB PHP MySQL Ubuntu 16.04
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    Update the droplets in the load balance

    How do I keep all servers with the same content? I have 3 droplets and I thought of copying the contents of the first one to the other 2. Is there any option that does this automatically? I researched and did not find...
    2 By rafacorre Load Balancing Deployment Ubuntu 16.04