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    Cron files task ubuntu

    Hello, thank you very much, I was able to solve the problem. See you :)
    By rafaeloliveiraz
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    Cron files task ubuntu

    Hello guys, My VPS is generating miliaries of files every minute with the names: Cron.1 Cron.2 Cron.3 ... Cron.5000 Within each file there is the phrase: Cron task processed! The location of the files is always in / h...
    Accepted Answer: It's likely a cron job that runs and provides some feedback on its run. Try this from the console/command line: crontab -u admin -l
    2 By rafaeloliveiraz System Tools Automated Setups Ubuntu 16.04
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    How to send emails using droplets?

    Hello person Recently Digital Ocean has released my account to perform e-mail sending off the server. The problem is that whenever I send an email to or some other Microsoft address the emails return insta...
    1 By rafaeloliveiraz Email DNS Ubuntu 16.04