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    How to push image file to spaces and access it display through URL?

    Hello, We are trying to upload image files through an application via our Desktop Application then read it on the Browser from the front end. We want to save the image from our application to the DigitalOcean 'Space...
    1 By rajdeeproy Java DigitalOcean Spaces DigitalOcean Managed MySQL Database Databases
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    Can't Install SSL with Apache Tomcat Server

    Hello, We are trying to install SSL on our domain ( which is pointed in Digital Ocean already) through Let's Encrypt but failing. We have a Java Application installed on our system and we have tried many ways with Let...
    2 By rajdeeproy Let's Encrypt Java
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    Mysql DB is running low on Disk Space

    Hello Everyone, We have 25GB of disk space and we just received a mail from DigitalOcean today with the following message: "Your mysql service, db-mysql-nyc1-xxxxx, is running low on disk." We can't access the logs o...
    2 By rajdeeproy DigitalOcean Managed MySQL Database
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    How to deploy JAVA App to Tomcat Root ?

    I have recently pointed one of our domains on this server but even though the home page is showing up the default success page, the inner pages with is getting timed out in seconds. So, want to kn...
    0 By rajdeeproy Java