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    Managed Databases Feedback: mySQL 8 was terrible product decision!

    Hello guys, I do not understand your decision to go with MySQL 8 instead of using the well established and widely used 5.7 branch when you created the product managed databases. I don't get it. The general idea of a h...
    Accepted Answer: MySQL support for 5.7 ends in a few months (Oct 2020), it would be bad decision to release a product that comes to EOL in less than 1 year. I would guess that this is the main reason why DigitalOcean decided to go wit...
    1 By ReneH DigitalOcean Databases
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    copy and paste into console

    Yeah, that’s really annoying. The only way to bypass this is to use an external ssh client like putty. It allows you to copy and…
    By ReneH