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    How To Enable System Generated Emails (PHP)

    I have a few sites on DO, but I cannot find how to allow the system to generate emails. When I create a wordpress site I cannot request a password change because no emails come through. Is there a way to set this up s...
    1 By richv101 WordPress Email
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    Domains Management Down

    I have been trying to manage a domain (A records etc) but when I press the domain to add records it says "backend error" check but everything on there is showing as operational. Any help please...
    1 By richv101 DigitalOcean
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    www not redirecting to https://

    Hi Bobby, Thanks for the reply. I have run the error file command and had the follow reply: tail: cannot open ’/var/log/nginx/…
    By richv101
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    www not redirecting to https://

    Hi, I have installed wordpress and lets encrypt by using easy engine. However, one problem I am having is that the www. version of my site is not redirecting to the https:// version. This only seems to affect the home...
    3 By richv101 Nginx WordPress Ubuntu 18.04