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    Kubernetes Ports Exposed (using Agones)

    I found the answer. Yes, when kubernetes provisioned my node droplets, they put a firewall in front of the game server of which I h…
    By rolltable
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    Kubernetes Ports Exposed (using Agones)

    I saw this talk and tried to set up Agones myself on Digital Ocean kubernetes. except it doesn't currently work. I follo...
    2 By rolltable DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes Kubernetes
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    AppPlatform apt-get support for node-js environment

    I am trying to deploy our product to the new app platform, but our node-js app requires some native dependencies (graphics magic, cario, etc..). The issue is that the node-js environment slug does not allow running ap...
    2 By rolltable DigitalOcean App Platform