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    Ubuntu 20.04 server on smallest droplet?

    Is it feasible to run Ubuntu 20.05 LTS on the smallest (1GB ram) droplet? Currently running one with 18.04 on the smallest, I’d like to create a new one and migrate things over from the old. I think the heaviest thin...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @romeozor, As far as I can see Ubuntu 20.04 requires 512 MB RAM (system memory) and 1 vCPU so the smallest Droplet should be sufficient for your needs. I would recommend adding a 1GB SWAP partition as well ju...
    1 By romeozor Ubuntu
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    No ip_tables module after kernel update

    I managed to solve this by first going to the Kernel menu on DO dashboard and resetting the original kernel (3.13…). Then I fo…
    By romeozor
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    No ip_tables module after kernel update

    I have an Ubuntu 16.04 Droplet that was upgraded from the previous LTS. I went ahead and used the DO Kernel menu to update my kernel which was 3.18something to 4.4.0-28. Did the shutdowns and restarts and I indeed hav...
    1 By romeozor Firewall VPN Ubuntu 16.04
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    Route incoming OpenVPN to outgoing PPTP

    I set up OpenVPN a while ago on my Droplet using the DO ( tutorial and it works fine. I also have a company PPTP VPN, wh...
    1 By romeozor Networking Ubuntu 16.04
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    What makes me exceed monthly usage?

    I got the smallest available instance (512MB) to host a blog on it (and try out things in general), and I keep looking at the Billing Alerts option in my Settings. I've read the FAQ and whatever doc i could find (obvi...
    1 By romeozor Billing