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    Console access automatically logs in into username?

    I tried to access my droplet using the "console access" in the droplet settings under "Access", and it was already logged in to my "username" which is protected by a password. Is that normal? is seems pretty odd, and ...
    1 By Samuelgozi Security CentOS
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    Permissions issue after installing Lets Encrypt

    After installing Lets Encrypt, on my LEMP server on CentOS 7, i am unable to restart nginx. The issue seems to be that for some reason I don't have anymore permissions to the subfolders of /etc/letsencrypt/. not even ...
    5 By Samuelgozi Let's Encrypt Linux Basics CentOS
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    Php-fpm pools configuration for multiple websites in Centos 7.

    After following this ( tutorial for installing Lemp on Centos 7, I decided to host multiple sites on the same...
    1 By Samuelgozi Configuration Management Security Nginx LEMP PHP Getting Started
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    Which is the right path to put my sites on CentOS 7 using Nginx?

    The default directory for the websites in Nginx is /usr/ share/nginx/html, but there is a default directory created by CentOS /var/www/html. So which one should i use? which one is more secure? or best practice?
    2 By Samuelgozi Nginx Deployment Linux Basics LEMP