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    Is LifecycleConfiguration working on DigitalOcean Spaces?

    Hi, I have about 16mil files (1 TB total) in DO space and I wanted to set expiration policy to delete all files older than 40 days. According to docs, DO Spaces should support LifecycleConfiguration, so that I set it ...
    1 By sarsonj DigitalOcean Spaces
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    Expired certificates on Spaces CDN

    Hi, we are using Spaces CDN and today we realised, that DO don't renewed some of our certificates (I used always DO managed certificates, newer "bring your own" certificate. I looked into "security" page in DO and I s...
    0 By sarsonj DigitalOcean Spaces Let's Encrypt
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    Use pre-provisioned load ballancer for ingress

    Hi, I am deploying our infrastructure into DO k8s. However, especially on testing environment, when we change our services relatively frequently, we are fighting with DO load balancers. For example, when I uninstall o...
    1 By sarsonj Kubernetes