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    Are managed databases "dedicated"?

    This is a really interesting question ! I’m quite sure they use Droplets under the hood, but shared or dedicated ? :) Looking at t…
    By scorsi
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    Can we deploy SOA/Microservices Architecture to App Platform ?

    Hello, I was wondering if we could deploy multiple microservices as "workers" and one API-gateway as "service". - Did my API-gateway can communicate to my microservices through TCP/HTTP protocol if they are "workers"...
    2 By scorsi DigitalOcean App Platform
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    Use output_dir in App Plateform

    Hello, I have Nx workspace which build my Angular app inside dist/apps/{app_name}. Even if I use output_dir option inside my app spec yaml file (seen in the doc (
    Accepted Answer: Hi @scorsi The output_dir option will take priority over the default behavior of checking for a few known directory names (_static, public, dist, build). It sounds like the output_dir option isn't being set. If you e...
    1 By scorsi DigitalOcean App Platform
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    Better App Platform integration with NX monorepo

    Hello, There's two feature I would like to see in App Platform. To resume it's a good integration with NX workspace/monorepo ( Fetch only once npm dependencies for all components in a monorepo. I'm us...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @scorsi, thank you for the feedback! I have logged it in our internal feature tracker. For the second suggestion, how would you want to select which components to rebuild?
    1 By scorsi DigitalOcean App Platform