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    Can I get an IP assigned to dropled as a floating one?

    I've got a nice IP assigned to my droplet ( and I want to keep it in case of accidental droplet destruction. Can I get it as a floating IP?
    1 By Sheogorath DigitalOcean
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    Why is crawling user profiles disallowed?

    I was wondering why was my profile not indexed by Google. So i looked into DO's robots.txt ( there was a line: ``` Only allow crawling of the canonical user profile Disallow...
    1 By Sheogorath DigitalOcean
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    Какая тут система оплаты за сервер?

    Деньги снимаются за сервер независимо от того, включён он или выключен. Если вы его редко используете, то делайте снапшоты. Т.е. ну…
    By Sheogorath
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    How to reduce snapshot size

    I am doing snapshots recently to backup my data. But their size is growing. Even when i do the cleanup, the snapshot size remains the same as it was before. Few days ago because of my fault, my script filled all avali...
    Accepted Answer: Ok, so I spoke to the support team and found out that although you're not using the "empty" space on the droplet it gets snapshotted as well. The file size is not compressed. So if you're running a 20 gb droplet, the ...
    3 By Sheogorath DigitalOcean