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    Deploying nuxt with pm2

    I am trying to deploy a nuxtJs application together with pm2. When I access the website, I get the classic nginx 502 bad gateway error message, and quiet honestly- Im clueless why. Nginx configuration file: ``` server...
    1 By soduno Nginx Node.js Ubuntu
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    Proxying nginx to port 1337 with Strapi

    Trying to make a proxy from domain: to The proxy is working sort of. If I use port 3000 (which is my main site) it all works, just not on 1337. I have initialised the strapi-app w...
    1 By soduno Nginx Ubuntu DigitalOcean CMS MySQL
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    Apache2 Default root directory

    I am facing some issues with Apache2. I have installed the full LAMP stack, which is working fine together with virtual hosts/domains. But when I try to edit the default ("000-default.conf") document root directory, ...
    1 By soduno Apache DigitalOcean Ubuntu 16.04