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    Best way no rename an interface ?

    When creating the droplet you get an option to add your preferred cloud-init field in it. I have never messed with those settings. …
    By sranvir155
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    How do I know what IP to assign to my FreeBSD jail to avoid conflicts?

    So I am trying to install a Nextcloud instance inside a FreeBSD jail. The domain I have chosen is pointing at the host FreeBSD instance inside which I want to spin up a FreeBSD jail and in order to do that I have to a...
    Accepted Answer: For using a internal private subnet series, you can stick to the common private IP ranges that start with 192. 172. and 10. [1] If you have enabled private IP for the droplet, just make sure that you choose a series d...
    2 By sranvir155 DNS Networking Getting Started FreeBSD