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    My site is getting a XMLRPC attack. I use jetpack, so can't disable XMLRPC. Any solution?

    Hi, I'm getting constant login failure message from my website ( After checking the logs I found it is an XMLRPC attack. I read somewhere that disabling xmlrpc is the only bes...
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    Best way to install multiple wordpress (5-7) and migrate the content from old host?

    Lets say I have 4Gb ubuntu 64 bit 14 Droplet. How to transfer the backup
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    Can I use domain on Cloudflare with digital ocean?

    I just created a droplet and migrated the wordpress files from ( This domain is currently in cloudflare. Is it possible to keep the domain in cloudflare and route it to Di...
    Accepted Answer: @srjcooldude Of course, all you'd need to do is point your domain to the Public IPv4 IP of your Droplet using either two A entries or a single A and a CNAME, depending on how you want to set it up. Using Only A Entri...
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