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    Should we use Spaces or Droplet SSD to serve many small images?

    Our website contains > 500k small (< 1mb) images and we want to achieve the best possible performance when serving them. Many of them are thumbnail pictures for search results similar to the images that appear when yo...
    1 By stevenz DigitalOcean
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    API to purge file cache from Spaces CDN after file update

    I can't find a non-manual way to purge the cache of a file in the CDN after I update it in Spaces. I feel like this is a common task but I can't find any documentation on it besides the one telling you how to do it ma...
    Accepted Answer: Clarifying @jarland's answer a bit: The Spaces API itself does not have support for purging the CDN's cache, but the DigitalOcean platform API does. The Spaces API was designed to emulate the AWS S3 API so that develo...
    3 By stevenz Caching CDN Ubuntu