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    block storage not working well

    it was a Inodes problem. I created a new drive with custom option and with this command mkfs.ext4 -b 1024 -I 128 -i 1024 /dev…
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    block storage not working well

    I created a volume. mounted... mnt/ ... via Rsync I send files, but after a while it hangs without showing me any errors... Is there a way to fix this ??
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    Recovery console don't allow me to login and "Probing EDD (edd=off to disable)... ok

    Hi, I (by mistake) wanted to install libdwg... but dnf proposed "try --allowerasing" I think it erased nscd and bunch of gcc stuff..... now, my droplet is not accessible, ssh don't work. When I try the recovery conso...
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    Will digital ocean add AlmaLinux for droplet creations ?

    Hi, I'm using CPANEL and cento 8... they proposed me to convert to almalinux because of the End of line centos 8 thing.... Will digital ocean add AlmaLinux fo...
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    MYSQL CentOS vs FreeBSD vs Fedora

    I want to setup a mysql 8 with MyRocks engine and build from source with my custom parameters. Is there any recommendation on which linux / unix distro would have better performances ? CentOS stream FreeBSD Fedora 34
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    IPDB vs BigchainDB vs HBASE vs OrbitDB vs MySQL vs MariaDB vs Cassandra vs MongoDB vs PostgreSQL vs Oracle vs Redis vs CockRoachDB

    It seems a big title, but I'd like a discussion about decentralized databases solutions Is there out there a decentralized + high auto scalable + high speed + secure solution also if someone have some numbers (because...
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