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    Is it possible to take a snapshot of a volume, destroy the volume, then restore it from the snapshot?

    With a droplet, I know I can do the following if I'm not going to use the droplet for a long time: - take a snapshot of the droplet - destroy the droplet but keep the snapshot, for a fraction of the price per month co...
    Accepted Answer: The answer is yes to all of your questions, you can also find a high level brief overview here: As well as how to create a new volume from a ...
    1 By teo8976 DigitalOcean Accounts
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    Is there a performance monitoring tool that works out of the box? (Debian)

    I need a performance monitoring tool that would allow me to monitor: server load, cpu & memory usage, netwirk i/o traffic, and if possible: nº of processes, nº of HTTP processes, nº of TCP connections, and disk I/O u...
    1 By teo8976 Monitoring PHP Apache Debian