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    Nginx & Passenger stopping / crashing on Ubuntu droplet intermittently

    I have a small Rails app that I'm running on a $5/mo droplet. At the moment it gets almost no traffic, me and a few other people. I first deployed it back in early December and for about two months it worked without ...
    1 By tfantinaStarfish Nginx Ubuntu 20.04 Ruby on Rails
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    Set up Ghost on subdomain specific coniguration

    As it turns out it was an issue with my certificate, I was not aware that a misconfigured certificate would cause a redirect to the…
    By tfantinaStarfish
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    Set up Ghost on subdomain specific coniguration

    I'm hosting a Rails application, personal site and personal blog on the same droplet. Whenever I go to I get the Rails site rather than the Ghost blog. There are a few posts already detailing Ghost on...
    2 By tfantinaStarfish Ghost Nginx DNS