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    Adding new SSH Key to Exisiting Droplet

    Hey Guys, I recently did a fresh OS install on my local machine and forgot to backup my SSH Keys. I generated a new SSH Key on my now "NEW" machine and copied the public ssh_key to /Home/USER/.ssh/authorized_keys howe...
    2 By ToddAJohnson93 Scaling Linux Basics Linux Commands LAMP Stack Ubuntu
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    Unable to see var/www/html via SFTP

    Hey guys, I created a Ubuntu 14.04 droplet with LAMP. I am able to see the Apache2 Ubuntu page when navigating to the public IP address in browser. However I am unable to see <^>var/www/html<^> via SFTP or even though...
    2 By ToddAJohnson93 Apache LAMP Stack DigitalOcean Ubuntu