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    Cloud Config, not getting my test email. Is it case sensitive? Can I tell if fail2ban & ufw are loading the way I assumed they were?

    I'm not crazy about leaving user accounts, (even just the name of it, and the public keys exposed in a public file for the life of the server.. but I kept looking at the User Data to see what else I could automate. I ...
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    Battle Field 4, in effect leasing a pretty awesome gaming system

    Is it feasible to install Battlefield 4 to a droplet.. in effect leasing a pretty awesome gaming system for the the few hours I have time to play.. and any advice or tutorials on how to go about it? To come full circl...
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    FSTP vs. GitHub, from localhost to droplet

    It seems like most of the tutorials encourage hosting your source code in a 3rd party repository ( and then bicker about the best way to hide your keys.. I'm just wondering why this is preferable to bypassi...
    Accepted Answer: This question was answered by @sierracircle: If you are working on your own project, and manage your own versions, then using sFTP will work fine. You could even write your own little script that will rsync your proje...
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    Why is Putty preferred over the Console Access?

    It seems like everyone recommends Putty, but I'm curious why I'd want to use it as opposed to the Console Access that comes built in at digital ocean. They both seem to be used for SSH.. I'm still early in the tutori...
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    Yii2 developement @

    I own a registered @ Google domains that points to a Google blog and I want to leave my name servers to Google's default's for now.. but point a to a development version of yii2.. while...
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