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    Folder inside www deleted on git push

    I created a shell script that takes the folder name as input and creates a repo on my server while also creating a subfolder inside "www/codepixelz/" which is linked to my subfolder So if someone provi...
    1 By utsavrathour Git
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    I setup postfix and mailutils, but when I try sending emails it fails.

    When I check my mail using "mail" it shows undelivered messages. When I open any of the email, it gives this error. <^>This is the mail system at host ubuntu-s-1vcpu-1gb-sgp1-01. I'm sorry to have to inform you that y...
    1 By utsavrathour Ubuntu 18.04
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    I have setup LAMP on my Droplet, how do I browse subfolders?

    I setup LAMP as per the tutorials that I found and have installed it fine it seems. When I visit the IP, the Apache2 default page shows up. However if I try to access IP/sub-folder-name I get 404. What step am I missi...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @utsavrathour, You can't browse folders from your browser. You need to either use SSH or FTP. I would recommend SSH but in order to use that, you need some knowledge on Unix systems. If you don't have such knowled...
    3 By utsavrathour Apache
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    I setup LAMP stack, how do I access my site?

    I did all that was mentioned on the link. I had done so while installing Apache as well. But still can’t access. I also added a dom…
    By utsavrathour
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    I setup LAMP stack, how do I access my site?

    I setup Ubuntu, Apaceh, PHP and MySql following the documentation but can not access my site at What else do I need to do?
    Accepted Answer: Hello @utsavrathour, To me, it looks like that either the Apache service is not running or your firewall is blocking the connections. First check if Apache is running: command.bash systemctl status apache2 If Apache ...
    4 By utsavrathour Apache