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    Juju & DigitalOcean

    Hello DO community, I've been testing Juju on an Ubuntu 14.04 droplet, however I ran into a problem. After configuring juju and configuring it to use a DO environment i try to bootstrap, however I always end up gettin...
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    dovecot/postfix deleted mail folder

    Never mind, we fixed it. We changed it from /Maildir to /var/mail.
    By vasko
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    dovecot/postfix deleted mail folder

    Hello, We have an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS server with Postfix and Dovecot, it is running normally - sending and receiving mail is okay, however when you try to delete a message/move it to the trash folder it gives an error. ...
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    Postfix not sending email

    Hey, We have an Ubuntu 15.10 server running, we managed to get Postfix and Dovecot set up, however Postfix can not send any email to the outside world. We have checked around and tried a lot of different stuff, but st...
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