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    MY SSL expired unexpectedly

    HI My site's SSL was renewed by DO on 27th December 2018. So the next renewal was supposed to happen automatically on 27 March, 2019. But it unexpectedly expired today. I don't know what's happening. Can anyone guide ...
    1 By whda Let's Encrypt
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    Wordpress not updating on my MacBook since moving to DO

    I have a strange problem where WordPress won’t update on my MacBook.The changes are seen on my computer, but in reality it is not reflected on my website. So when I check from mobile, I can see that my post is not pub...
    Accepted Answer: Hey friend! Let me rephrase this to see if I understand correctly, and you can correct me if I do not. When you post an update on your Wordpress site from your MacBook, you see the change reflected on your MacBook. Wh...
    1 By whda WordPress