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    How To Build an Inspirational Quote Application Using AdonisJs and MySQL

    In this tutorial, you'll build an application with AdonisJs using the CLI. You'll create routes, controllers, models, and views within your application and you'll carry out form validations. The example in this tutori...
    By Oluyemi Olususi JavaScript MySQL Applications Development
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    How To Deploy an ASP.NET Core Application with MySQL Server Using Nginx on Ubuntu 18.04

    ASP.NET Core is a more modular version of Microsoft’s ASP.NET Framework. It's a high-performant, open-source framework for building modern web applications. In this tutorial you'll set up and deploy a production-ready...
    By Oluyemi Olususi Deployment Applications Nginx MySQL Ubuntu 18.04
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    How To Build a Customer List Management App with React and TypeScript

    TypeScript has brought a lot of improvement into how JavaScript developers structure and write code for apps, especially web applications. React is an open-source JavaScript library, which developers use to create hig...
    By Oluyemi Olususi React Development Applications
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    How To Build a Blog with Nest.js, MongoDB, and Vue.js

    Nest.js is a scalable, server-side JavaScript framework built with TypeScript that still preserves compatibility with JavaScript. You'll approach this project by separating the application into two different sections:...
    By Oluyemi Olususi Development JavaScript Node.js MongoDB Vue.js
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    How to Deploy a Symfony 4 Application to Production with LEMP on Ubuntu 18.04

    Symfony is an open-source PHP framework suitable for any project irrespective of its size. This tutorial will show you how to deploy a Symfony application to production with LEMP on Ubuntu 18.04.
    By Oluyemi Olususi LEMP PHP Nginx Ubuntu 18.04