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    Connect winforms c# to mysql database

    Hi, i did develope a winforms system with c#, i'd like migrate my database thas is at mysql to digitalocean vps, is this possible? if then, what is the way for complete this task? thanks in advance.
    1 By yoquigua MySQL
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    bigbluebutton 404 not found after restart vps

    Hello friends, I did build a droplet and install bigbluebutton, this works fine after install, but if the vps is restarted, bbb not works again, nginx always show the "404 not found" error message, is there some one ...
    1 By yoquigua Nginx
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    How to install package if E: Unable to locate package php-mysql

    hello, I have a vps with ubuntu 14.4 and I want to install php7, but I can’t find it, what can I do? Thanks in advance
    By yoquigua