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We knew we had a good product and that it was something people wanted, and we knew we had a lot of growth coming, so it was important for me to pick something that would enable that growth. Managed Kubernetes was an obvious choice over just building something ourselves. It’s not healthy to have one or two people in the company know how this complex system works. We needed something well documented that could scale and not have the overhead of maintaining ourselves.

Tim Osborne

CTO, Atom Learning

The fact that it’s so easy to configure, administrate and scale with DigitalOcean is something which I love. I’ve worked with Kubernetes before, hands-on, self-hosted, but the DigitalOcean integration and provision of Kubernetes has been the most seamless that I’ve experienced so far.

James Hooker

CTO, Hack The Box

Managed Kubernetes is amazing. It has exceeded our expectations. We haven’t had any issues with it, and we’ve run really big workloads in it. The Kubernetes product is exceptionally good.

Fritz Stauffacher

Cofounder or Snapt

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