Announcing the DigitalOcean MongoDB Hackathon

The "Every App is a CRUD App" Hackathon - June 29 - July 20

We are thrilled to announce the DigitalOcean MongoDB hackathon!

We know many of you are building great applications with DigitalOcean. With the power of Managed MongoDB, we want to see more of what you can build!

Practice your coding skills, ship an app, and earn a shirt!

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    Get $50 in DigitalOcean credits using this form

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    Join #mongodb-hackathon in the deploy Discord

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    Build a CRUD app with a UI

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    Blog about how and what you’re building.

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    Submit your app with this form!

Hackathon Requirements

Follow these guidelines when building your app.

Build a CRUD application 
that has an interactive UI.

Your application needs to show the four database operations: Create, Read, Update, Delete. You are free to pick whatever content you will CRUD on.

Use an Open Source license

Use one of the following permissive licenses for your code: MIT, Apache, BSD-2, BSD-3, or Commons Clause.

Your app may be showcased on a #BuiltWithDO showcase.

Use Managed MongoDB 
on DigitalOcean

Create a new MongoDB instance on DigitalOcean with your Hackathon Credits.

Deploy to DigitalOcean

Deploy your app to DigitalOcean from GitHub using App Platform or setup your own Droplet.

Hackathon Resources

Coding resources for you to build your MongoDB + DigitalOcean applications.

We have a MongoDB Resources GitHub repo to find all the latest tutorials, sample apps, and sample datasets.

Chat with us in the #mongodb-hackathon Discord for support and to join the community.


Get a DigitalOcean shirt and sticker pack for a valid application submission!

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  • Contest entry period ends July 20, 2021, 11:59 pm PST/ 8 AM UTC on July 20, 2021.
  • Individuals who are at least 18+ years old
  • Teams of 1 to 4 individuals
  • Contest is void where prohibited or restricted by law or regulation.
  • All entries must be new projects and created during the hackathon period.
  • Use one of the following permissive licenses for your code: MIT, Apache, BSD-2, BSD-3, or Commons Clause.
  • For Official Rules, see General Contest Official Rules.

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