Introducing Making Work Work

September 13, 2022

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Introducing Making Work Work

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Episode transcript.


Rachael Lewis-Krisky, Host:

You’re a restless dreamer. An entrepreneur in the making. You have that great idea for a business that sets your imagination on fire. But where do you start?


Pedro Lau Semedo, CEO and Co-Founder of Kognitas: The idea that makes it just feels different. It just kicks you in the gut, as now this needs to be out there. With this one you will convince other people to come with you.


Rachael Lewis-Krisky, Host: You’re part developer, part marketer, part builder, doing it all with a small scrappy squad. The business has a foundation, but you want to make it stronger; make it last.


Gabe Monroy, CPO at DigitalOcean: There is a real failure in our industry around people building systems for a level of scale that they don’t need and they’re likely not going to need in the future.


Rachael Lewis-Krisky, Host: You are part of something bigger.


Wendy Zajack, Marketer and Educator: Marketers have to be citizens of the world, to be observers of human behavior in every dimension.


Tim Osborne, CTO and Co-Founder of Atom Learning: We’re very, very aware of, how easy it is to create something that’s incredibly negative for kids, and that can have an impact on their entire lives.


Admas Kanyagia, VP Social Impact at DigitalOcean: Are there competitive advantages in our business that could make sense to address a particular social problem?


Rachael Lewis-Krisky, Host: We understand who you are. And we want to help you thrive.

Welcome to ‘Making Work Work,’ a new podcast from DigitalOcean. The show where we ask what makes a company sink or swim? I’m your host, Rachael Lewis-Krisky. Join me as we learn and unlearn everything about work in the tech space — your workplace is, after all, much more than the product it sells.

From smart scaling in the future of tech, to effective marketing and corporate social impact, we cover all aspects of business growth from all corners of the market. Plus hear inspiring and honest stories from startup founders that remind us, we are not alone.

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