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December 20, 2022

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What happens when a non-technical producer creates a technology and business podcast for startups and SMBs? Well, you get a show like Making Work Work. For our midseason break, host Rachael Lewis-Krisky (she, her(s), they) shares her story, philosophy, and experiences with you, all to help us learn and grow better together.

Check out Rachael’s documentaries, photography, and audio stories on her website and follow her on LinkedIn.

image Rachael has traveled the world with one principle at heart: make media that matters

Episode transcript.

[00:00:00] Rachael Lewis-Krisky: As we head into our mid-season break, we’re bringing you something a little different. Unlike our usual episodes where we talk about everything from aha moments, to the future of tech, to making an impact, this bonus mini episode is where I’ll tell you a little bit about me.

So I’ll share my philosophy as a non-technical host of a tech and business show. And as someone who’s used to being behind the camera at DigitalOcean, rather than in front, I must say I’m nervous and excited to share my story with you. I’m your host, Rachael Lewis-Krisky.

Let’s dive in.

[00:01:03] I’m a documentary filmmaker, photographer, artist, animator, journalist. How does any of that make me qualified to host a technology and business show for startups and SMBs?

Well, in many ways it doesn’t. The typical qualification for a show like this would probably be, "has programming experience" to which I’d reply, “does HTML or CSS count?”; Or “has started a business,” and I’d have to say, “I’m working on it.”

So, yes, I’m not as technically proficient as some of you, at least in the more applied sense of the word. Instead, my work in technology has been more about the “ology”; than the “techno”;

In my master’s program at University of Southern California, ( I’m in my last semester now - yay!) my peers and I study all sides of technology, business and design. Prototyping and product development, data visualization and graphic illustrations, supply chain management, revenue vs. impact business models, server systems, responsive web design, and accessibility-just to name a few.

Even more so between working at DigitalOcean and my previous role at an education technology company, I’ve been in the tech sector for about six years.

Though, what I’ve learned in school and in the industry is important—helping me to shape the episodes I’ve brought to you over these past two months— honestly, all of it is secondary to the most important thing about me: at my core, I’m a storyteller.

My work as a multimedia producer has taught me that stories do not float in the ether. They are rooted in debated ideas, relatable experiences, and captivating tension; all about real people and real topics.

With my expertise, essentially, I know a little about a lot rather than a lot about a little. Pair that with my experience as a multimedia producer, and it means I’m able to research interesting topics, tap thoughtful experts, and craft a well-produced and engaging narrative. So what I wanna do with all of that for you, our listeners, is to bring the story back to technical discussions.

Through this show, I am learning alongside you. Whether you’re a developer being challenged to think about corporate social impact, or a startup founder refining their understandings of targeted marketing, or a designer learning about serverless technology, we’re all here to expand our knowledge so we can make our collective work work better.

So thanks for welcoming me, Rachael Lewis-Krisky as your host, and joining me on ‘Making Work Work’ by DigitalOcean.

[00:03:40] We’re taking off this next week for the holidays. So from all of us at DigitalOcean, Chag Sameach, or Happy Hanukkah, to everyone celebrating right now. And an early Merry Christmas and Joyous Kwanza to everyone this coming week.

Our music is composed by Mirco Altenbach.

Check out for more info.

Don’t forget to like, follow and subscribe to make sure that you catch our next episode in the new year.

Until next time, I’m Rachael Lewis-Krisky. Keep swimming friends.

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