Is there a way to specify the TTL of DNS record?

September 18, 2014 13.4k views

I am planning to do server migration to DO. I need to have fine control of the time-to-live settings so that I can failover back to the old site in case something goes wrong. Can’t seem to find a way to do it on the control panel.

What is the current TTL for DNS record and anyway to change it?

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I think the default for DO DNS is 1800. At this point no way to change it.

You can just use your existing name servers so you have better control. I keep mine at namecheap have a few bells and whistles DO doesn’t. Change TTL dyndns and such.

But then I don’t like putting all eggs in one basket either. Some I think its just more convenient to keep everything together.

Minimum TTL was redefined in RFC 2308 to 3600. Shouldn’t DO update this?

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