Why my free 200$ credits are ending so faster like this (a reduction of 100$/ 2weeks/ 80gb ssd / 4gb ram)

September 20, 2018 655 views
Billing Ubuntu 16.04

Hello hi! im new to digitalocean and im enjoying the simplicity.
now im using 4bg ram with 80ssd which is 20$/monthly. but im still using credits.

but im wondering that WITHIN 2 WEEKS MY CREDITS HAS BEEN DROPED FROM 200$--> 90$. im afraid that when i will start to be charged the real price it will be high.

and actually now im in developing stages of my websites.

i launched like 4 droplets to tests things but i destroyed all 3 and left with only 1 which im now using. and also i have only 1 snapshot which is below 2gb. all these things has happned within 2 weeks. but why these costs on my credits come down faster?

i need your fast help please cause i need to launch my website now but im fearing that i cant handle these costs which goes 100$/14days for 4gbram and 8gb ssd.

thanks for fast help!

1 Answer

Hey friend!

I had a look and I'm not quite seeing it the same way that you describe. For your privacy/security I'd rather not go into more detail here. Could you email jdonnell@digitalocean.com from the email address on your account? I'll reply back and explain to you what I see from my side.


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