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    Can't connect to my droplet for no reason

    I connect to my Droplet just fine everyday but now I'm connecting and winscp just says "Searching for host..." and then says "Connection timed out". I did not do any updates to the server, no nothing. I have a root pa...
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    Getting my API domain to be HTTPS

    I have a website ( hosted at Namecheap, it uses cloudflare & is HTTPS. I have a server with digitalocean where I run my api, I added my domain to it so will resolve to my flask api...
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    Pointing DNS record (A) to specific part of my Droplet

    I'm running a simple backend using Python (flask) and I have set up an api which returns something on my droplet. I can access it by: http://<droplet-ip>/<app_route>. This works great but for the sake of not just givi...
    Accepted Answer: Hi! First off, grats on your app, droplet and domain :) Secondly, after you create the DNS record and point it at your Droplet's IP, you sometimes have to configure your web server software to handle "virtual hosts". ...
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    Domain pointed to vps, nginx is not pickign it up.

    I followed this tutorial: to set up a ShareX custom uploader using a vps. I have set up my Nginx files on my droplet...
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