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    cAdvisor on Prometheus with Kubernetes

    It does work if I try the query to the API server proxy: kubectl get –raw “/api/v1/nodes/kafka-9utff1mmv-83tab/proxy/metrics/ca…
    By aakarim
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    cAdvisor on Prometheus with Kubernetes

    I can't get Prometheus to pick up on my cAdvisor metrics on DOKS. It shows as a successful scrape on the Prometheus dashboard, but I can't get any container_* metrics to show up in the query. Any ideas? Here's my job ...
    2 By aakarim Kubernetes Monitoring
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    Are there any plans for Managed Graph Databases?

    I absolutely love the Managed Databases service that DigitalOcean provides, and I've been using MySQL, Postgres, and Redis successfully in production. My Data Scientists are now clamouring for a Graph Database, like N...
    2 By aakarim DigitalOcean Accounts