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    No space left on device - Centos 7

    Trying to restart crontab service and getting no space left on device, however there are plenty of space in the server. Any help appreciated. ``` [root@at-app-dev-01 backup]# service crond restart Redirecting to /bin/...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @aalurdratek, Please try and run the following command on / du -sh / It might take some time to complete however I feel like there might be something not being shown by the df -h command. Usual Causes There are ...
    1 By aalurdratek CentOS
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    Connecting from Node.js to MySQL managed database

    Hi, We are trying to connect the MySQL managed database cluster from Node.js app, and DB configuration as follows, export const databaseConfig: DatabaseConfig = { username: 'doadmin', password: 'xxxxxxxxx', ...
    0 By aalurdratek DigitalOcean Managed MySQL Database