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    How Do I Safely Downgrade From PHP 7.4 to PHP 7.2

    I'm running Linux Ubuntu 20.04. I'm trying to install Mautic, but Mautic keeps giving me an error message saying that their software can't process PHP 7.4 yet and that I needed to downgrade to 7.2. What is the best wa...
    1 By AaronEsteban1 PHP Nginx Email Initial Server Setup
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    Emails going straight to SPAM folder

    So I've set up my own mail server with iRedMail on Ubuntu (20.4 I believe) to host my virtual boxes for my domain email accounts that are created as the admin, and Roundcube to send and receive the emails. I've alread...
    1 By AaronEsteban1 Email DNS Initial Server Setup
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    DNS Records Configuration - Going Straight to Spam Box???

    I know that in order to hit the inbox, the main DNS records need to be properly set up. These are the main DNS records that every mail delivery system should have for their domain: TLS A MX DKIM SPF DMARC rPTR The one...
    1 By AaronEsteban1 Email DNS LEMP Server Optimization Initial Server Setup
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    NGINX NOT properly set up with iRedMail installation - 502 bad gateway error

    ========================= OS: Linux Ubuntu 20.04 Web server: NGINX Database: MariaDB The installer ran on the command line I have already made the necessary configuration prior to the installation: Set DNS records (A ...
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    I Can't Install MariaDB With iRedMail

    So I already installed the LAMP server from the default "one-click installation" on Digital Ocean, then tried to install iRedMail right after. Do I need to install iRedMail first, or do I need to set a Domain Name and...
    1 By AaronEsteban1 Email MySQL MariaDB LAMP Stack
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    How do I find the related DNS records for my domain?

    I've done this once before but don't remember how I did it since it was a while back. What I'm trying to do is create a 'Let's Encrypt' SSL certificate, but the certificate will not install from 'Virtualmin' because I...
    2 By AaronEsteban1 Let's Encrypt DNS
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    Installing Virtualmin After Already Having LAMP Stack Installed

    Is there a way to safely install Virtualmin after already having the LAMP Stack installed? The reason that I need Virtualmin is that I need to create multiple domain email addresses and create DNS records such as DKIM...
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    How Do I Connect PHP Email Script to Postfix?

    I have a VPS where I've installed my site files, including the PHP email script that uses the php mail() function inside of the following directory (how my site directory/path is set up): /var/www/ ...
    2 By AaronEsteban1 Email PHP Ubuntu 18.04 Messaging
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    Cannot Connect to BOTH Websites Being Hosted Here

    I have 2 separate websites that I've created in Virtualmin> Create Virtual Server. Originally the 1st website that I added to my DNS at was connecting and running properly after using their "Domain Nam...
    1 By AaronEsteban1 DNS Caching Ubuntu
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    CANNOT Install Let's Encrypt Certificate For Some Reason...

    Hi, I'm trying to install the Let's Encrypt certificate on my domain using Virtualmin, but I keep getting the following error message: ``` Requesting a certificate for from Let's Encrypt .. .. request fa...
    4 By AaronEsteban1 Let's Encrypt Security