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    How Do I Connect PHP Email Script to Postfix?

    I have a VPS where I've installed my site files, including the PHP email script that uses the php mail() function inside of the following directory (how my site directory/path is set up): /var/www/ ...
    1 By AaronEsteban1 Email PHP Ubuntu 18.04 Messaging
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    Cannot Connect to BOTH Websites Being Hosted Here

    I have 2 separate websites that I've created in Virtualmin> Create Virtual Server. Originally the 1st website that I added to my DNS at was connecting and running properly after using their "Domain Nam...
    1 By AaronEsteban1 DNS Caching Ubuntu
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    CANNOT Install Let's Encrypt Certificate For Some Reason...

    Hi, I'm trying to install the Let's Encrypt certificate on my domain using Virtualmin, but I keep getting the following error message: ``` Requesting a certificate for from Let's Encrypt .. .. request fa...
    3 By AaronEsteban1 Let's Encrypt Security