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    How can make master server and slave server

    Can i have two servers Master server for my website and if this server is down or have any problem like network etc .. then slave server start working ?? i need this because DO have network problem in our server`s reg...
    1 By abadahenno Networking
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    My servers are down ! any solutions ?

    My servers down according to (http://) , Can i make slave server if main server (Droplet) is down a slave server (Droplet) work ?
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    I can not install any app-get packages !

    I have Only MySQL server run on ubuntu and when tried install unzip package This error shown Segmentation fault (core dumped) and when tried update sudo apt-get update Show Fetched 5395 kB in 10s (494 kB/s) ...
    2 By abadahenno Linux Basics