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    Domain doesn't redirect to https, instead shows generic page

    Hi all, I have a strange problem. I have multiple domains mapped to one droplet. All of them are working fine. Now, I added a new domain, say, This new domain has two other subdomains and ...
    1 By abhisekdutta Apache Ubuntu 18.04
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    Websites are timing out after a new domain is added to droplet

    Hello, I purchased a new domain yesterday and added to the droplet today. I see that all the domains (including the new one) are timing out intermittently. I have checked the logs but they are clean. ping doesn't show...
    1 By abhisekdutta Apache Applications Ubuntu 16.04
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    How to point a subdomain to a specific IP with Apache?

    Hello, I have a simple python app inside a docker container that exposes port 8081. If I visit my.droplet.ip:8081 the app shows up. Now, I want the app to be on sub.mydomain.tld. Please note that I am runnin...
    2 By abhisekdutta Apache Python Ubuntu