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    [HELP] How to change Ghost's subdirectory to /blog

    I am trying to get ghost to run from instead of just I am now getting a ghost 404 on and the default nginx home page on I used DO's one click ...
    1 By ac130nz Ghost Ubuntu
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    Install Ghost on Ubuntu 16.04 (not working)

    Following this tutorial her ( for the millionth time on a fresh Ubuntu 16.04 install I'm keep coming to the same erro...
    0 By ac130nz Ghost Nginx Ubuntu 16.04
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    Installing Ghost ERROR: Exit status 1 / node index / ELIFECYCLE

    Ever since DO changed there one click install for Ghost to cost $10 instead of $5 saying you can't run ghost on a smaller droplet (which is total nonsense have a ghost blog running for 2-3 years on a $5 droplet.) I ca...
    1 By ac130nz Ghost Nginx Ubuntu
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    Wordpress Installation "Error establishing a database connection".

    Hello I have had wordpress installed and working perfectly but today I found an error on my site saying "Error establishing a database connection" and on the wp-admin page I see this: I...
    1 By ac130nz WordPress PHP Ubuntu