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    Shared CPU was somehow faster than Dedicated CPU

    There are 2 types of web application that I have. Type A - Application Server => 2vCPUs Shared ,Memory 4GB, $20/m - Database Server =>2vCPUs Dedicated, 8GB RAM, 25GB Disk, $115/m Type B - Application Server => 1vCP...
    1 By actionismostimportant SQL PHP Ubuntu
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    I cannot upload files to Ubuntu by php

    I am using the digitalocean droplet, ubuntu 20.04. I am using the php (Codeigniter) for my web application. When I tried to upload files, the uploading was not successful. After I change the upload directory permiss...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @actionismostimportant, What you could do is to set the owner and the group of the files to the Apache user. That way you will be able to use 755 as the permissions. By default the Apache user is www-data if ...
    1 By actionismostimportant Ubuntu 20.04 Apache PHP