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    Multiple docker-compose.yml files

    Hi, I'm getting ready to launch my first dockerized app on Digital Ocean, automated through git. As part of the process, git runs my automated tests. However, this will wipe out my database. Is there a way to speci...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there, Yes, it should be ok to have multiple docker-compose files in the same directory. When running the docker-compose command, you would need to specify the file with the -f flag and also specify a name of your ...
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    Automatic Deployment on Git: where to put .env

    Hi, I'm just getting my feet wet with Docker, and automatic deployment to Digital Ocean from git. What are best practices to deal with the .env file? In particular, my repo is public but I'd like to keep the .env fi...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there, Indeed your secrets should not be checked into Git. What you could do instead is add your passwords as secrets in GitHub. That way they will be stored securely and no one will have access to them. Here are 2...
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