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    Keepalived for Ubuntu 16

    I am trying to run this on Ubuntu Bionic and keep seeing this : killall5[somenumber]: only one argument, a signal number, allowe…
    By administratorcd
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    unison or Rsync for session files between servers in php app

    Don’t use GlusterFS, Ceph , XtreemFS or anything similar if you do any writes to your file system. Data latency is a big issue with…
    By administratorcd
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    is anyone has successfully deployed Ceph storage system on DO?

    I found the write performance on GlusterFS awful and would not use it again. Friends of mine have told me that with each new relea…
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    Is multi-droplet Storage in the pipeline ?

    Block storage is great. It ticks a lot of boxes right off. However, what would be really useful is multi-droplet storage i.e similar to block storage, but which could be mounted to more than one droplet and across reg...
    Accepted Answer: +1 ... absolutely necessary for automating builds and sharing artifacts between droplets :)
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