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    How to know managed postgres backups location ?

    Hi, I am relying on Digital Ocean managed Postgres database for my company. My database is hosted in Frankfurt. I activated automatic backups for my database. Is there a way to know where the backups are located (Lond...
    1 By adrilef DigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL Database Backups High Availability
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    How to get into Rails console on App Platform

    @beydogan I have the same issue while trying to launch any rails command. Have you found a workaround ? Thanks, Adrien
    By adrilef
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    How to use our own logging system on App Platform

    I am using Ruby on Rails on App Platform. I was wondering how it is possible to use my own logging system such as Datadog on App Plafform. Is there a way to send the logs to the datadog API ? Or si there something as ...
    2 By adrilef DigitalOcean App Platform Logging Ruby on Rails