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    Can I be assured that the IPv4 address of my VPS will never change?

    Hello, Right now we are designing a product and I will be using DigitalOcean VPS for all the communication. I will be hard coding the IP address in the product. Can I be assured that my IPv4 address will not change? T...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @Aerience, Yes, each Droplet comes with one static IPv4 address that should not change. However, I would strongly advise using a domain name rather than an IP. That way in case you need to switch the IP of yo...
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    How to permanently change DNS nameservers in Ubuntu 18.04.3? Wiki article is not working.

    Hello, I am trying to permanently change the DNS nameserver being using on my droplet. I following this article: But t...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, With the older Ubuntu distributions, you could do that with the /etc/resolv.conf however, with Ubuntu 18.04 you should make the change in the netplan configs at /etc/netplan/*.yaml files. The file would look so...
    2 By Aerience Ubuntu 18.04 DNS